This poem was inspired by a very troubled young fellow, whom suffers from Bipolar as well as several addictions, and that I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with recently during my long stay in the hospital. 
What I have learned ~ When you see someone struggling, never lead with judgement, take a moment to place yourself directly in their light path, and allow yourself to learn, see, and understand who they truly are! Share your light, and love with all those around you, and feel your soul soar. It changed me, it will change you too
You are Worthy

I see you, with those wild crazy eyes flying about,
darting back and forth in a drug induced paranoia.

Rapid words and uttered fears,

so scared, so untrusting.
You notice me sitting there, quietly watching as you approach,
staring at you with a small shy smile, welcoming your presence.
I feel you, as you vibrate slowly move towards me.

Your eyes huge and unsure, expecting me to think you are not worthy.

I say, ‘Hi, how are you?’, as I reach out my hand, 

wanting you to know, that I want to understand. 
I hear you, as you stop and you stare, with confusion and wonder.

what kind of spell is this crazy girl under?

My hand stays outstretched, until you take hold.

and I notice your eyes, shine with bright flecks of gold.

We shared a special moment, and a short prayer of intention,

that we together we’ll move through and past this transition.

A new found friend, still fighting his demons,

but with a whole new way of looking for reasons.
I’m in awe of the strength, I see in your eyes,

I tell you so, as you smile with surprise. 

You love like a fierce tiger, always prepared for the fight.

your soul touches many, when you lead with your light.

You share a song on your guitar, flash a smile or tell a joke,

you have an uncanny ability to remember the names of all folk. 
Let the fog roll away, 

Let your body be cleansed. 

Allow time for your answers,

your prayers have been sent.
You must do the work, 

and it will take time.

But I have faith in the knowing,

you will bloom and you will shine.
Be blessed my friend, for you have forever changed me,

you gave me the gift, of letting me in to see.

Your wisdom and insight, and outlook on life,

will inevitably drive you to win this fight. 
Sending much love light to you all,

Jenny Tasker