Those tough lessons life throws us, that help us to grow.
Can be so painful, and scary but through it we must go.
It’s futile to fight, you must choose to face those fears
To push on and through it, with pause for cleansing tears.
Take each step very slowly, just one at a time.
And before you know it you’ve begun the climb.
The hill will be steep, and you might slip and you will fall,
but you keep on getting up, and pushing through it all.
You begin to see this small, simmering glow,
a light on the horizon, beckoning you to follow.
Focusing on your purpose, keeps you set on course
It grows with each new step, as your strength grows with force.
Keep climbing toward that light, see it get brighter,
Let it remind you of who you are, as you begin to feel lighter.
At the top of that climb will be the end of this path,
You’ll move onto another, leaving this one in your past.
From this difficult struggle that seemed to go on and on forever
Is a bright shiny new you, stronger and more together.
The power is yours, within you is where it lies,
just always believe, in your strength and your light.